Christmas on Kauai, 2013

A lovely home in the country with soul quenching views… And much gecko gawking.

Leisurely mornings with coffee, the sun warming my back and white egrets flitting against greenest green and bluest blue.

Sloppy trails that made us work extra hard for the pay off of dazzling views, descending with mud squishing between toes, legs splattered with Kauaian red dirt and smiles.

Afternoons of surfing, paddle boarding, beach strolling.

Returning to our upcountry nest for simple dinners and mostly peace.

I can’t remember a more lovely, satisfying family trip.







Things you should know

As I listen to you practice moonlight sonata, I am amazed that the baby girl I’ve watched over for 17 years, can make music that makes me feel weepy.

As you explain that placing ear buds in your nostrils and opening your mouth will cause your mouth to become a speaker, I feel fortunate that I have a child that always makes me laugh.

As you walk out the door to spend the night on campus, because you’re 18, and you can, I will not sleep because a piece of me is not safely tucked away and I will worry.

That each of you make my life infinitely richer by being your unique beautiful selves.