Life lesson

Life is always more pleasant when we stop bitching and whining, put our big boy/big girl pants on (and hats and gloves) and embrace what is.



Romantic Guanajuato

After years of longing to see this fascinating city, we finally made it for our 20th anniversary. Looking back, we were fortunate to arrive at night when the jardins and plazas are truly magical. The Teatro Juarez glowed, strolling minstrels gathered crowds of followers to meander through the callejones, musicians and university students mingled everywhere. We aimlessly wandered and were completely charmed. Happening upon Plaza San Fernando, sipping cocktails as old and young danced in the warm evening air.

Mornings began seated at the bright yellow dining table on the rooftop gazing at la Pipila and candy colored homes perched on the hillside. Lingering over coffee, warm scones and local dishes. Gorditas are my new favorite. Each day we climbed random callejones up up up, delighting in the vibrant color choices of the casitas, (sunflower yellow, brilliant turquoise, Frida Kahlo blue), lovely flower boxes and surprise plazas. Once we felt suitably lost we wound our way down down down to the jardin. Much like human pinballs.

Afternoons we returned to the gorgeous terrace of our bed and breakfast, Alma Del Sol. Soaking up warmth, clear blue skies, church bells, and watching students and residents go about their daily lives.

My only regret, aside from my beloved’s illness on our final day, was my lack of Spanish speaking skills. Our trip would have been infinitely richer had we been able to communicate with the locals. I especially would have loved to learn more about Angelica, who cooked for us and took care of Todd when he was sick. The language barrier made me want to cry at times. I have a new found motivation to return for Spanish school very soon.

Another lesson learned. Fear of the unknown keeps us from so many amazing, life expanding experiences. It’s always heartwarming to see another culture, a different way of living. I feel less ignorant, slightly better informed, eager to go back and cultivate the next layer.