for the little things…

packing bento box lunches for Isabel… something very meditative about the simple task of filling those little boxes… making pb and js shaped to fit, peeling and chopping carrots, tucking a few surprise licorice pieces in…

making healthy dinners that everyone actually LIKES

hikes made so much better with a good friend

a kick ass husband who makes me breakfast

our bright cheery kitchen

a yummy smelling candle

watching kids make Christmas cards

We’re heading to Maui for 3 weeks of family time in our favorite little town, Haiku. This feels like an extra important time since Amelia is planning to go abroad next school year (to Taiwan!), and Gabe will be going to college the year after that. Our last holiday with everyone at home. Kind of sad how it just creeped up on us. I’ve thought a lot about our two years of homeschooling and traveling with the kids. How much those years mean to me now. I will always treasure the uninterrupted time, free from school schedules and sports schedules. We were just in our own little bubble. At the time, I didn’t really realize what a simple, sweet snapshot of life it would be.