12 years of the most beautiful smile…

and beautiful soul…


Mother’s Day WEEKEND

I never thought I’d say this, but I love parenting teenagers. The younger years were rough for me. Not just because sleeping is one of my very favorite activities in the whole wide world, but because the ability to reason and have logical discussions keeps me sane. Youngsters have no respect for sleeping mommies… or logic. My twenties and early thirties are largely a blur of trying to squeeze in naps whenever possible.

But now, I feel like I’m reaping the rewards of motherhood. I have daughters who love to cook, garden, hike with me, learn about photography, and practice yoga. I have a son who can clean a house like a pro, asks to hang out at coffee shops with me, and can drive to get me anything my heart desires at the grocery store (with the exception of gin). I have three awesome companions available at a moment’s notice. And! They like to sleep as much as I do!

It really hit me while I was in London this past week… I don’t long to escape my children anymore. I wished they were with me sharing the experience. I used to crave time alone, a slice of peace in the midst of raising homo sapiens. But I must say, I really missed my kids like I would miss dear friends. And that makes me feel so fortunate on this celebratory weekend. (Yes… in my house… Mother’s Day lasts all weekend 🙂


Highlights of a whirlwind visit to London with my baby:

Navigating the tube together at midnight upon arrival… kind of creepy but fun

Lovely train ride through the countryside to visit the town of Rye… green pastures full of sheep with their Spring babies, sunlit golden fields

Exploring cobble stone streets and indulging in fish and chips… cheating on our vegan diet, but well worth it

Long walk through London from Charing Cross train station to Regents Park… double decker buses, crowds galore, nifty black cabs

Always fun just being with my soul mate… even after 18 years he rocks my world 🙂

These trips with Todd on his layovers certainly make me appreciate his profession. Yes, it’s big fun to explore fabulous locations like London, but it’s also really challenging to keep your body in some sort of balance to adjust to flight schedules. I was absolutely exhausted, and I had the luxury of sleeping in a comfy business class seat while he was working.