The baby girl is free of her braces…

the baby boy has a for-real driver’s license and is working on his pilot’s license…

and the mommy is just trying to take deep breaths and not freak out…



Sigh… where to begin? Just returned from a most lovely time with our family. One of the most peaceful trips we’ve taken. The kids seemed genuinely happy to be together almost the whole time. We went on gorgeous hikes through the redwoods in Muir Woods, and along the coast and to waterfalls in Point Reyes. Chilled out in a super cool hippie haven. Almost felt like locals by the time our week ended. Felt so good to reconnect with each other.

One of my favorite things about vacations is establishing rhythms in our new “home.” Of course we have our rhythm in Granville, but it usually plays out with each of us going in different directions. In Bolinas, we quickly sunk into the quiet, leisurely mornings of coffee, getting ready for an outing, and returning to our cottage in the evening to cook out or prepare a simple meal. And we were together.

Bolinas is famous for its lack of signage. Apparently every time a sign is installed at the turn off to the town, it mysteriously disappears. I totally get it. It’s a gem of a little place and the locals want it to stay that way. Yes, I would be on the sign-stealing committee if I lived there.

In Bolinas, I discovered my favorite bookstore ever. It’s completely unmanned and works on the honor system.

We became regulars at the smoothie shop and grocery. The little Palestinian lady who ran the grocery told us to set up a charge account with her so we wouldn’t have to keep making ATM withdraws. None of the stores in town accepted credit cards.

One day we let each of the kids choose something they wanted to do in San Francisco, which was about an hour away. Gabe wanted to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Belle wanted to see Japantown.

Amelia decided on a campus tour of UC Berkeley, with particular interest in the observatory.

The rest of the week, we just stayed close to Bolinas. I loved the morning light coming through all the cottage windows.

Found my favorite chair, or throne, as I liked to call it 🙂 With the windows open, I could sit and listen to the ocean.

Amelia has requested that we change her name to Spock. Too much Star Trek?