June at a glance

June at a glance

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Change is good

it feels like the new year… like i should be making resolutions, starting a new exercise regime on the bike path just around the corner, eating more salads, keeping the house cleaner. thus, the new blog. i just want to be mindful of what happens here. the last six years at our old house sped by in a flash. as i walked through the empty rooms with belle last night, i thought about all the years we were there that i didn’t savor and notice what was happening around me. too worried about what i “should” be doing with my life. because raising 3 human beings wasn’t enough. why am i such a slow learner? now i just want to live… moment by moment… and let things unfold organically. i want to love my family, create a safe, comforting space from which they’ll be off soon enough to begin their own lives. it’ll be here before i know it. only 3 and 4 years of high school left for gabe and amelia. it’s time to slow down and relish my good fortune instead of wanting something else.

i woke up to the sound of bird chatter and saw a cardinal swoop past my window… squirrels jumped between the two huge old trees outside the side window… and i didn’t hear traffic noise at all. i’ve just realized how much tension i was carrying the past several years that we’ve talked about moving and finally put our house on the market… wondering if we’d move and where. it feels soooo good to be settled… to have found a peaceful, simple spot… to have downsized into a manageable home that we can slowly make our own. it already feels just right. the kids have been biking to the lake and concerts on the green… downtown to shops and the library. daisy gets walked up sugar loaf hill a few times a day. it’s raining outside now… a gentle, soothing rain. i feel so content. and i scored a lovely $15 porch swing at a yard sale today. life is good.