Moving On

After a year on the market, it looks like our house has finally sold. Initially tempted by expensive options that we could easily qualify for, we settled on a smaller, easier-on-the-wallet village home with a park in the backyard that will allow us the freedom to travel and breathe easy. Finally wising up… it only took 40 years to get here 🙂

Feeling nostalgic about leaving the house we’ve been in for the past 6 years. A big chunk of the kids’ childhoods happened here. Gabe went from pokemon player to skateboard dude to dating teenager in this house. Amelia’s gone from fairy house builder to poet to all around amazing young lady, and Isabel has gone from our charming, sensitive little preschooler to charming, sensitive preteen. It’s just occurring to me that both Gabe and Amelia will spend just a few years in the new house before they’re off to college. This may explain why I’ve been freaking Todd out lately with my longing looks at little babies I see snuggled up against mommies’ shoulders. It’s all happening too fast. We definitely don’t need more space… we just need more time…