Dog hair days

… the days when the laundry never seems to be done, the kitchen never stays clean, the kids always have someplace they need to be, and yes, there is always dog hair everywhere.

These are the days I’m glad I have my camera… to stop and remember these moments make up my life.

And wishing them away is like throwing away a precious gift.

Best to embrace… laugh about it… because let’s face it… lying belly down on the floor taking a picture of a big pile of dog hair is pretty damn funny


Sun, finally

Everything in life feels like two steps forward, three steps back right now. Raising teens, finances, parental health issues. I guess I’ve never gotten over the idea of getting “there.” That place where all is well; peaceful, calm. In reality, I know that place doesn’t exist. There will always be turmoil of one kind or another. Intellectually, I know there’s no sense beating my head against a wall, shaking my fist, screaming “No! I don’t want to pay for new power steering with our tax refund! We need to fix our outdated kitchen!” But, at least the sun did peek out today… for a little while. And I’m pretty sure it’ll be back again.


The best part of the 365 project is that I feel much more present. And I have my camera with me.

Whether I’m at Starbucks with Isabel…

the local coffee shop with Gabe…

or having Amelia model for me.

Project 365

So I’m doing Project 365 on Flickr. I’m going to take one picture, every day for the year. Sounds easy, right? This is Day 4 and, oh my, it’s going to be a challenging year!

Also, thinking about goals for the year. Last year I started working through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, and I’d really like to draw more.