a mystery


One of the main reasons for our trip to Amsterdam was to take the girls to Anne Frank’s house. At the end of the tour, there is a poignant video of Anne’s father, Otto, talking about his daughter and how taken aback he was when he first read her diary. He was amazed by the depth of her thoughts and ideas… unaware that so much was going on inside her young mind. It made him feel as though parents never really know their children. I often feel this way with my own children. While I’ve tried to cultivate open relationships with them and hope they feel free to express themselves to me, I know there’s so much they’re processing in their own way. I often sense this when I read one of Amelia’s poems. There’s a strength and wisdom that often takes me by surprise. Maybe it’s because we know so intimately our parents expectations and beliefs, the fear of disappointing outweighs the need to be understood.


an autumn stroll


spent the early morning, before school, at the coffee shop with the boy… he really wanted both Todd and me to go… it’s nice to know he genuinely likes our company and isn’t just scamming for a ride to school and coffee…

later a crunchy stroll to the library and other coffee shop for lunch with Todd… one of those rare bright blue Ohio skies and the most vibrant trees…

on the downside… wolf spiders are invading the house… i suppose they’re cold, but they’d have to be much cuter to earn my sympathy.

2 days in amsterdam


enough to remind me once again how important it is for my well-being to leave granville regularly… there’s something about watching how other people, in a completely fresh-to-my-eyes setting go about their daily lives… zipping around on bikes while carrying umbrellas and children and chatting on cell phones, inhabiting grass-roofed houseboats on canals, and speaking languages foreign to my ears… that brings me great joy and comfort; a greater connection with all of humanity; that sense of expansiveness that dissipates after too many months in a very small village in Ohio;  a renewal of possibilities and loads of vivid images of another amazing place filled with lovely people spinning around the sun just like me…