mid-summer drama


It’s been a rough summer… one mishap or annoyance after another. Sometimes I’m pretty sure my hunger for travel stems from a longing to escape my daily reality which can be immensely tedious at times. Gabe has decided to go back to school this year for high school, and I feel the walls closing in on me… school schedules, especially for high school, are so inflexible. I’m in the process of making plans to travel to India with the girls for a month… Amelia will be 13 soon, I’ll be 40… seems like a good year for a girls-only life changing adventure, and from what everyone who’s been to India tells me, it will be a life changing trip. I’m hoping it will shake things up a bit… wake me from the stupor I’ve been in… the constant state of anxiety mixed with fear. The longing to live creatively and the fear that I lack the ability… such a tired song and dance.