days go by


i have to stop frequently and ask myself: Is this the life we want? Is this a priority? What do we want for our family? It’s easy to get sucked into a life of constant activity. I want the kids to try new things, take advantage of the opportunities we’re able to afford them. piano, rowing, tennis, etc.  But I want them to realize there are many people who aren’t so lucky and that there is a big wide world filled with interesting ideas, people and sights. This is why travel feels so important. It’s an opportunity to step outside the bubble and remember the big wide world outside our small one. Small worries become way too large when we spend too much time in Granville.  I guess I’m ready to hit the road again…




yesterday, amelia and i had a wonderful mother/daughter day. we shopped, lunched, and had many awesome conversations about girls/friendships/boys. she is such a wise, gentle soul and just really gets things in a way i know i did not at her age. she understands others’ insecurities and she’s able to distance herself from the issues that come up between girls at her age. she was thrilled to shop at the thrift store and put together some really unique, cool outfits that look nothing like “what everybody’s wearing.” And she’s so appreciative of our time together and any little purchase. we’re collaborating on a new mother/daughter blog that will incorporate my photos and her poetry… should be big fun. i feel so, so lucky.

spend them wisely


i tend to waste a lot of time. i’m not talking about time spent staring at the clouds, daydreaming. that’s time well-spent, in my mind. i’m talking about time spent surfing blogs, reading about how others are living their lives. i’m talking about time spent worrying about where we should be living, worrying about finances, planning ahead, fretting about what is behind. let’s make no mistake, time is valuable currency… extremely limited and far too easily misspent… moments never to be relived. i started this blog to remind myself to spend my days wisely… i don’t want to look back and find i foolishly frittered away my allotment… flitting from one distraction to another, taking the wrong things too seriously.  i want to pay attention. bask in moonlight sonata as amelia’s fingers caress the keys… look in gabe’s eyes when he flops on my bed every evening to talk about his hopes and dreams… go on long hikes… remember what it was like to be a kid in summer and relish the unhurried sweetness of days spent at lake hudson or biking to the farmer’s market… laugh more… lighten up…